I think it was Peter Drucker who said, “Soldiers have the right to competent command.”  When I heard this it made me examine whether I’ve got the right skills to lead others with excellence.  It also made me think of the things I expect of the person who leads me.  What is it about my ‘commander’ that makes me want to follow him?  Generally speaking, the people I’ve excelled under have a strong vision and entrust me with what I do well, which is ‘getting it done.’  I’m at my best when putting decisions into action, not when grabbing at a bunch of ideas.

Identifying my strengths as an implementer and leaving the dreaming and vision up to those who do that well has given me a tremendous amount of freedom (and energy) to be who I am.    Are you leading others competently?  Are you leading from your strengths?   A great way to assess this is thru Strengths Finder, by Marcus Buckingham.

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