What is it that you wish for yourself and for others in your life?  Have you ever taken time to speak words of hope to those you do life with?  Here’s my dream:   It is that you’d experience true LIFE.  No matter what your circumstances, you’d know that there are a few people who love you and accept you just as you are.  That where you feel rejection, you’d know love; that where you feel sadness, you’d experience joy; where you feel anxious, you’d know peace; where you feel restless, that you’d experience patience; that hurt will be replaced with kindness; that cruelty will be replaced with gentleness; and where you feel trapped or stuck that you’d know FREEDOM.  By connecting with God and others, you’d become all that God intended for you to become and you’d help reveal the ‘masterpiece’ in others…so they experience the same freedom you’ve experienced.

That’s my dream!

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