Am I Willing?

Last night I met Pastor Ha who started Onnuri Church 24 years ago in Seoul Korea.  In the first 10 years the church was reaching about 2,000 people.  That’s when Pastor Ha had a vision.  He sensed God was leading him to reaching thousands more all over the world and so he created the ‘2010 Vision’ for his church.  His dream was to see 2,000 missionaries trained and equipped to launch new churches and 10,000 leaders raised up.  So here’s a short list of what’s been accomplished under his leadership in the last 15 years to see this vision become a reality:

  • 2 Campuses launched in Seoul reaching 30,000 people weekly
  • 10 Campuses launched around South Korea reaching another 30,000 people
  • 1700 missionaries trained and sent out
  • The largest publishing company started in Seoul to resource the 60,000 people attending with daily reading
  • A TV station launched to take teaching and equipping to 150 countries where the 1,700 missionaries live
  • A seminary started in partnership with Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Chicago
  • A Bible college started

Gateway, where I’m serving on staff, has been wrestling with what God is leading us over the next 15 years.  Pastor Ha, is a great example of an ordinary person who was seeking to follow God.  God has truly done great things thru him to impact the world.  Is it possible that God could use me in such an impactful way?  What might he do thru Gateway?  What might he do thru you if you’re willing?

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