Single Parents

There are a growing number of single parents living in crisis in Austin and around the world.  Gateway has a vision for caring for the ‘widows and orphans’ of our day by meeting both physical and spiritual needs.  One of our partner churches Iglesia Biblica, located in Consuelo, Domincan Republic, is addressing the struggle of single mothers who have been abandoned by their partners and families.  The church has developed a program to serve these mothers and their children so they experience the love of Christ in both a physical and spiritual way.

Iglesia Biblica started a program over a year ago, with the help of Compassion International, and is currently serving 50 vulnerable mothers and their infants.    The church is serving these women over three years, from pregnancy until the child is 3 years old.  The services provided during the 3 years include:

–    Health care – medical assistance, check-ups, and medicine
–    Food and nutrition – prenatal care and support, nutritional supplements for both the mother and child
–    Education and orientation – mother and child skills/training, vocational training for income generation
–    Mentoring – parenting guidance from a mentor at the church
–    Spiritual Growth – connection to a small group for support and encouragement

There is a waiting list of 25 single moms who are at a crisis point in their lives.  They are turning to the church for help, but Iglesia Biblica’s financial resources are exhausted.   At Gateway, we have an opportunity to change the trajectory of a single parent family by helping them connect to a church that will care for them physically and spiritually.

To provide the support for a mother and her child, it takes as little as $37 per month.  Gateway is attempting to raise $33,000 through our Epicenter Fund to support 25 women and their children over the next 3 years.  Because we have a partnership with Iglesia Biblica, Gateway will be able to watch as these children grow and have an opportunity for life.

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