Today I flew from Dallas to Colorado Springs and sat next to Will who was just returning from 6 month Army deployment in Afghanistan.  Basically, he’s been living in a hole in the ground in the mountains while manning an artillery post.  It was great to see the respect and thanks people directed toward him as they walked past him on the plane.  As we talked, our conversation turned to spiritual things.  He talked about whatever he and his troops do for church is pretty much what they put together on their own.  Since Gateway’s launching an internet venue next month, he’s going to try to connect from Afghanistan when he returns in 2 weeks so we can interact online.  Gateway Afghanistan??? Pretty cool how small the world is getting.  He can be on the front-lines of battle and connect to church out of Austin, Texas.

On a different note, he’d been travelling for 6 days to get home to see his fiancé who he hadn’t seen in 6 months.  When we arrived in Colorado Springs, he wouldn’t let me get a taxi, but drove me to my hotel.  Not only does he protect our freedom, but continues to serve people even when back home.  Thanks Will!


  1. Karin

    Awww, what a fantastic story! Is there a way some of us can send Will a care package with some stuff in it as an offering of love & thanks? Let me know.

  2. Raquel Dishinger

    Love that you were able to have a divine interaction with Will tonight! And thanks for sharing it with all of us so we can see God working, even in what seemed to be just an ordinary plane ride to Colorado Springs. God showed up and when He does…it’s always an extraordinary event!!

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