90% or 10%

Spent the last 24 hours with a company named Philanthrocorp.  They work with non-profits to help people use the wealth they’re accumulating in assets (no matter how small or large) to impact charitable organizations for years to come.  Brad Ring, the president of the company, shared how in Act 4 Barnabas made the first gift of this kind to a church.  Barnabas sold a piece of land he owned and then brought the money to the church so it could be used for kingdom impact (of course today for tax reasons, people would likely transfer ownership of the land to the church and let the church sell the land.)

I typically just think of the 10% or so of my income (cash) I give to the church.  I haven’t really been thinking about how the other 90% of assets, cash, retirement funds, etc. which I’ve been entrusted can be used in the short and long term for much bigger impact.  It’s got me thinking!

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