(Great lesson adapted from material by Jim Collins and Eric Swanson)

In Deut 1:9 Moses said, “you’ve become to great a burden to me…may the Lord increase your numbers 1,000 times more.” Basically he was saying, “Lord I can’t do this job another day, but increase this ministry 1000 fold.” He didn’t let his comfort level determine the size of his ministry or speed of growth. At the time, the nation of Israel was approximately 2 million. Moses could have lived in the tyranny of the OR: to embrace one thing, I have to give up something else. I’m too tired, so I need to cut back. Every day is too full.

Instead, Moses embraced wanting more space in his schedule and also to increase 1,000 fold. He turned the tyranny of the OR into the genius of the AND. He added a Zero to what he previously thought he could do. He didn’t say he just wanted 10% more. If he did that he could have worked 10% harder.

It takes great leadership to embrace 2 seemingly contradictory things…increase ministry and have one more day off each week. This causes you to think in a new, different way. Exponential growth is different than incremental growth. If we’re satisfied with just a little more, than we’re closed off to breakthrough ideas.

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