Reading Bill Hybels book Axiom, he talks about a recent season Willow Creek went through where they had to rally the church to focus on 3 things: Evangelism, Discipleship, and Compassion. These three words are loaded with different meaning for different people, so how did they spark enthusiasm and interest to engage thousands of people? They crafted words that were compelling and motivating.

When they talked about evangelism, they said, “we are going to raise the level of risk around here in our attempt to point people to faith in Christ.” When they spoke about discipleship they actually used an apology, “we’re going to re-think how we coach people toward full devotion to Christ.” When they introduced compassion, they said, “we are going to unleash unprecedented amounts of compassion into our broken world.”

Raise the Risk, Rethink, Unleash…all powerful words to get people engaged.

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