Who the heck are Bezalel and Oholiab?

I’ve been reading through Exodus where God is meeting Moses and giving him all the specification for how to build the first mobile church building in the desert. There were all kinds of specifications for the dimensions, the clothes priests must wear, etc. If I were Moses listening to God, I’d be thinking, “That’s great, but we’re out here wondering in the desert, and you want me to do all that?”

Then in Exodus 31, God says, to Moses, “I have chosen Bezalel and filled him with the Spirit: with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts and trades… and I have appointed Oholiab to help him.” God had given Moses the guys on the team to help him accomplish all he had asked him to do. God knew that Bezalel would need help, so he gave him Oholiab. God knew that the two of them would need help, so he put them in charge of a whole team of craftsmen. God even gave the skill to all the craftsmen. Just another example of how God includes us in his work and provides us what we need to accomplish it.

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