Plus 1%

In Ken Blanchard’s book Raving Fans, he talks about setting the realistic goal of improving 1% per week. So if you’re trying to help people connect into your organization, how can you connect 1% more people this week than last week? If you’re focused on improving quality, improve it 1% this week, 1% the next week, and 1% the week after that…

If you improve 1% a week for an entire year, you’ll have improved 50% over the next 12 months!

One comment

  1. Sandi

    Nice post! Kaizen, continuous improvement is an awesome goal, and looking at the impact of incremental improvements really shows how they make a huge difference over time. Have to define what you mean in terms of connecting people into the organization before you can improve 1% each week — is it about increased numbers or does it include more than that? Does it include feelings of connection, bond, shared purpose? Tougher to measure, but sooooo worth it! šŸ™‚

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