Gentle Whisper – Sabbatical Day 6

I’ve been reading 1 Kings 17, 18 and 19 about how God worked through Elijah’s life. God spoke to Elijah to foretell a drought. God fed Elijah by having ravens bring him meat and bread. God used a widow with one jar of flower and one jug of oil to feed Elijah during the drought (the jar and jug never ran dry). God used Elijah to raise the widows son back to life after he had died. Elijah called down fire from heaven to prove that God is God and other gods are not. But when the queen wanted to kill Elijah, he was afraid. Obviously Elijah was human, and subject to emotions of fear just like me. Even after God had worked miraculously for years through Elijah’s life, God didn’t show impatience with him. Instead God spoke to him in a “gentle whisper.”

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