Prodigal God – Sabbatical Day 16

Just finished reading The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller. This book provides insight on how we’ve misread the parable in Luke 15 by focusing on the younger son who asks for his inheritance and pursues a wild life apart from his family. Jesus was telling this parable to the religious leaders of his day and his focus was really on the older brother. The older brother had seemingly done everything right, obeyed the letter of the law, stayed at home while his younger brother was sowing his oats. However, when his younger brother returned, the elder brother chose to remain outside the celebration. He never pursued his younger brother. He was angry that his brother had spent his inheritance. He was upset that his father never threw him a party. He was blind to the fact that he was equally as lost as his younger brother. He was lost in his religiosity and self-righteousness.

What if his heart would have been soft to his younger brother? What if he had pursued him? What if he had welcomed him home? Do I really understand the forgiveness that has been given to me by Christ? It truly cost God everything to forgive my shortcomings. God help me to show others the same love and forgiveness you have shown me. It’s because of your infinite grace that I’m truly yours.

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