Leadership Hezekiah Style – Sabbatical Day 36

2 Chronicles 29 & 30 has a great account of a leader who was trying to set things straight for a nation that had continuously rebelled against God. Hezekiah was the new king of Judah and his first order of business was to get rid of idols that had replaced the worship of God. He sent out a letter to all the people of Israel and Judah inviting them to come worship and serve God again in the temple. He wrote, “the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him.” But did everyone humbly return? NO. “…the people scorned and ridiculed him.” Nevertheless, some people did respond in unity, and the Passover Celebration was held for the first time in years to celebrate God’s faithfulness and deliverance. People’s hearts were once again set on honoring God. “There was great joy in Jerusalem.” People gave God a tithe of everything and they even had a ‘great amount of leftovers.’

Because a leader “sought his God and worked wholeheartedley. He prospered.”

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