Sabbatical Day 41 – Haiti Day 2

Today I attended Church of Hope. Hundreds of people traveled by foot, bike, bus and animal to worship God. It was a great reminder that God hears praise to him no matter what the language. The 3 hour service in 100 degree weather was all spoken in Creole. A woman who had been hit in the head during the earthquake and blind for the last 6 months collapsed from the heat. The preacher asked people to put their hands on her and he prayed for her healing. People carried her to the hospital so she could be cared for.

After the service we traveled to Susmatla to eat at a restaurant 2 graduates from the School of Hope started with a micro-loan. After lunch we walked back into the village. While walking, it wasn’t uncommon to feel the hand of a small child grab your hand to walk along side you. It truly felt like I was being the hand of God, holding onto the hand of a child who was wondering if there is a God who cares. Maybe for a moment they experienced his love.

We also traveled to the additional land that the Haitian government has donated to Mission of Hope. As we arrived, groups of children came out of the bushes to meet us. One day there will also be an orphanage, church and school on this property to care for these children.

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