Sabbatical Day 42 – Haiti Day 3

We found out this morning that the woman who had been blind since the earthquake woke up last night and could see! She hadn’t been able to see for the last 6 months and during that time her friends have been praying fervently for her. Seeing this first hand is a reminder that God does heal!

Our team went down to greet 1400 kids as they came to school. Most never had hope for an education, and now many are graduating from school with plans to become pastors, doctors, teachers, and leaders in their country.

We worked hard today painting the bathrooms in a new kitchen for the orphans in the Village of Hope. Most of the orphans had been abandoned and their little bodies were sick with worms and disease. Now, these kids are healthy, loved and eat 3 meals a day. We formed sidewalks around the classrooms where the kids go to school. We played games with the orphans and just made everything today about showing them love.

So much of the work at Mission of Hope is about changing one life at a time. Finding children who have been abandoned and giving them health, hope and love. One of the children I played with had been abandoned with 12 other kids under a tarp. Mission of Hope took these kids in and gave them a loving home.

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