Sabbatical Day 44 – Haiti Day 5

Today I spent time in the hospital ward with Alexandria and Rosemary. Alexandria has a severe infection in her leg and the doctors and trying to determine whether they will have to amputate her leg to save her life. I tried to provide a little relief for her by giving her a fan to keep her cool. I brought her batteries over the next few days to keep her fan going. While I was away, some of the women in our group had prayed for her and apparently her fever has lifted. Hopefully God is working another miracle and ridding her body of infection so she can keep her leg.

Today we also visited the Good Samaritan orphanage which is in a really remote area. These kids have very little and many were sick. We sang and danced with them to hopefully give them a few hours of joy. One little boy just wanted me to hold him the whole time, so I just sat with him. I’ve never seen so many kids just starved for affection.

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