So I’m questioning my calling a little this morning after reading the vision that Ezekiel had when he was called to ministry: winged creatures with 4 faces, lightening, the glory of God appearing (Ezekiel 1-7). But then again, I wouldn’t want to trade places with Ezekiel. He had to endure some intense performance art. Really, he had to perform 5 signs that are symbolic of Judah and Jerusalem’s destruction:
1. he had to stay in his house tied up with ropes to symbolize that they are a rebellious house
2. he had to draw the city of Jerusalem and then pretend to lay siege to it
3. he had to lie in bed on his side for 390 days to symbolize bearing Israels sin for the number of years they sinned against God
4. he had to cook his food over human excrement, but then God said he could do it over cow manure instead to symbolize how the people will eat defiled food
5. he had to shave his head and burn up the hair to show how a fire will spread thru the house of Israel

All of this because these people weren’t serious about their relationship with God. He wanted them to be passionate about the things he was passionate about, but the rebelled. I pray that my love for God stays strong and that God doesn’t feel the need to get my attention like he does with the Israelites.

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  1. Daniel Im

    I’m with you there on your prayer.
    Over the past year, God had really been testing my calling, but I’m really glad he did…because I’m more focused as a result of it.

    It sounds like you had a much needed time off.


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