Holy Crap Moments

Jesus must have had moments where he say, “holy crap” I’m entrusting the future of the church to this bunch of guys!?! Between dealing with Peter’s personality, James & John’s egos, Judas’ backstabbing, and all of the disciples elementary faith… in Jesus humanity, I wonder if he just shook his head at times and wondered if what he was giving his life for would ever expand beyond this rag-tag group of people.

Yet, he was God and also saw the big picture. He knew in his supreme example of service by giving his life, his sacrifice would solidify the disciples faith to the point where they too would give their lives to advance the kingdom. I’ve been having one of those “holy crap” weeks, but am trusting that God is working through a group of imperfect people to accomplish his purpose in world. God, help me to sacrifice as you did… help me not to lose site of your big picture… guard me against discouragement… let me lead well.

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