Life or Death?

In a church staff role, we have to remember we are in the business of saving lives… both physical lives and spiritual lives. Our days are often taken up with meetings and keeping the organization running smoothly. But Christ came to do 2 things: 1) give spiritual life to those that follow him 2) provide physical life and healing for the poor.

How much of our day is spent on the two things that were at the core of what Jesus life on earth was about? Does a quick review of my day show that less than 50% of what I do is in sync with Jesus mission:
– spending 3 hours working through interpersonal conflict with 2 mature Christ-followers…death (more people die because I’m taken off mission).
– spending 2 hours on optimizing budgets so more money goes to those in physical need…life (more people live because I am on mission).
– spending 1 hour editing a video that communicates the love and grace that comes from knowing Christ…life.

You get the idea. We have the responsibility above all else to ensure that we are saving lives. If we can’t account for how more and more of our time is going to physical and spiritual life, then we’re doing something wrong.

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