Good vs Bad Serving Trips (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a post about principles for good serving trips.

Be sensitive to their culture: this is where these people live. We’re not trying to change them or force our way of doing things on them. We’re their guests and their servants. We represent Mission of Hope when we’re there, so we have to be aware that our actions and words can positively or negatively impact their mission.

Build relationships: In the past, people came on ‘mission trips’ for the sole purpose of evangelism, with an “I’m going to save your soul” mentality. Most Haitians have “been saved” and now need developmental relationships to help them grow in their faith.

Be in it for the long haul: Brad started 12 years ago with 100 students and now has 2,200 students. But it took 12 years before he saw the first graduates. Those students are now starting businesses, going to college, and becoming pastors in their community. It’s a good thing Brad didn’t give up after year one. Not everyone can take a trip to Haiti, but everyone can invest in the life of a Haitian child. We can all sponsor a child for $35 a month…and that changes the trajectory of a life!

For more great info on serving physical and spiritual needs, read When Helping Hurts.

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