Replace Yourself

“Replace Yourself” was a value that was lived out at my former employer. I moved from being a consultant to project leader after I developed other consultants. I moved from project lead to manager after I developed other leaders. Before I left that organization to join Gateway, I was promoted to Director because I had developed another manager.

I was reminded of that principle in Haiti, because at Mission of Hope, every staff person has to develop someone new to do their job. Here are a few benefits of people development:

1. Every team member has opportunities to move into new roles with additional responsibility as the organization grows.
2. If someone leaves the organization, then a replacement is ready to advance the mission, rather than having to stop momentum or move backwards.
3. Depth is created within the staff so that people are ready to play multiple roles.
4. A culture of development is created so ‘stars’ are identified and lead the organization to new levels of performance.

Who is your replacement? What are you doing to develop them?

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  1. Lisa @ put-it-on-the-list

    This is a great concept, as is your follow-on post about who is evaluating you. They both dovetail into some thoughts I’ve been having recently about staff and process improvement. Love to discuss with you sometime soon! LR

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