Who’s Evaluating You?

There’s an entrepreneur MBA program in Austin where the students evaluate their teachers after each class. At the end of the semester, the lowest performing teachers are not invited back to teach the following semester. This program recognizes that the customer is the student, and the students have direct input into the excellence of the program.

What would it look like if we applied this concept to our churches? People the church staff is responsible for leading would evaluate the staff on whether they are serving, developing, and equipping them based on biblical principles. Then the staff with the lowest evaluations would not be asked to lead on staff during the next ministry season. Not sure the church is ready for this, but it has potential to take us to a new level of church leadership.

One comment

  1. Karin

    ouch! That sounds harsh and makes me wonder what someone would say about me? I think it scares me because I don’t want to serve with the nagging fear of how someone will judge my efforts. I think maybe I just don’t have a strong enough ego for it. =) I’d much rather work as if I’m serving the Lord Himself always and do my very best to serve with a pure heart.

    While there are things their jobs require of them, I would hate to be the one to judge a man or woman’s performance. Yes, they are to lead us, but they are not %100 responsible for leading me, the Holy Spirit is. They are tool He uses, but not His ONLY tool.

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