Raving Fans

In staff meeting this week I shared a summary of Ken Blanchard’s book Raving Fans. We discussed how to not just serve the people God brings to our church, but to create ‘raving fans’ of the mission Jesus has us on. Here are 10 principles from the book to create a raving fan:

1. Focus on people and relationships!
2. If past performance has taught your customers that you don’t care, do the hard work to repair/regain trust.
3. Create systems that reinforce Raving Fan service.
4. Think of ways to provided ‘unexpected’ service.
5. Don’t just focus on satisfying your customers. They’ll only stay with you until something better comes along. Create Raving Fans!
6. Be consistent! Consistency is critical. It communicates reliability. It’s also the antidote to resistance.
7. Spy on your customers.
8. Create a Raving Fan Index for your internal and external customers and only promote those individuals that provide Raving Fan Service.
9. Determine how many Raving Fans you currently have and set targets for improvement using the 1% rule (improve by 1% each week and by the end of the year you’ll improve 50%).
10. Know who your internal and external customers are.

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