What I learned at Kids Camp

I had a chance this summer to serve as a sponsor for a group of kids at camp.  Here’s what I learned, what have you learned as you serve the next generation?

1. Camp provides an escape for many kids who don’t have a good situation at home.
2. Its amazing to see kids who are hurt and broken ministering to other kids who are broken.
3. It’s a great place for kids to be kids: sing, dance, play, and just be goofy.
4. Almost all kids in my group were in broken or blended families that aren’t cultivating a deep love  for God. Sad. How do we change this trajectory?
5. The volunteer leaders role is just to love and pray for the kids, not to change them. Only God can change hearts.
6. Volunteers who take a week off work to work with kids are amazing people!
7. When you see kids pouring out their heart in worship, it makes you smile, and I’m sure it moves Gods heart.
8. You wrestle with great questions like: ‘Do you have a little faith or a big, bold faith?’
9. Some kids are just lanky and awkward, but God loves them just as much as the cool kids.
10. Don’t be frustrated on day 1 or 2 with how your kids are behaving, because God’s doing something in their hearts that you’ll get to see by day 3 & 4.

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