Do you love your work?


God is at work where you work! God is in the business of restoring people. In fact, one of the primary places you can worship God is where you work. How you interact with your boss and coworkers is actually a profession of your faith.

What happens at a church building on Sunday is just a pep talk for the game you are in 40-50 hours a week. Consider Daniel and his friends who were captives in Babylon. They were in an impossible situation. In Jeremiah 29:4-7 God told the Israelites to live and work for the prosperity of the city and king they were in exile to.

  • What’s your impossible situation?
  • Who are you ultimately working for?
  • Can you be on mission with God wherever you are?
  • How good of an ambassador are you for God where he has you?

Verses to consider: Daniel 1, Matt 5:44-45, 2 Cor 5:17

For the entire message from John Burke’s sermon on August 18, 2013, click here.

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