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Haiti 2 Years Ago

Do you remember where you were 2 years ago today? If you were in Haiti, you’d never forget. Over 300,000 people lost their lives on this day in the Haiti’s worst earthquake. But tragedy often helps people and organizations raise to new heights. After the earthquake, I had the opportunity to start serving with Mission of Hope in Haiti. It’s been remarkable to see the organization that has emerged from the crisis. In the last 12 months, here is how they’ve made an impact in Haiti:

– Seen 540 people come to faith through their church outside Port au Prince

– Introduced 13 Voodoo priests to a relationship with Jesus (and help them start a new career)

– Delivered over 15 million meals to school children and their families through a partnership with Convoy of Hope

– Provided a quality Christian Education to over 3,000 students

– Opened two new Mission of Hope Campuses

– Worked with over 100 other churches to spread the hope of Jesus to every man, woman and child in Haiti

Light without Electricity

In countries like the Philippines, those living in extreme poverty often can’t afford electricity. But even if they could, they often have to spend what money they have on food. So who would have thought that a 1-liter bottle of water and 5 minutes of work could produce the equivalent of a 50 watt light bulb. Watch this to see how!

Homes for Haiti


Last weekend I returned from Haiti after serving there for a week. It was amazing to see over 120 homes had been built in the last 5 months since I visited in January. The people receiving the homes have been living in tents or plastic huts for over a year and a half! Can you imagine what a huge gift to have a permanent roof over your head? One thing that struck me was the number of kids that came to work along side of us. These are the future leaders, pastors, fathers, and mothers in their community. It was great to see the pride they are taking in their village. Can’t wait to see what 500 homes looks like!