My first trip to Haiti was shortly after the earthquake in January 2010. Since then I’ve returned to serve along side Haitians to meet physical and spiritual needs together. Below is information about how to help our neighbors in Haiti by sponsoring a child or taking a trip.


Did you know that something as little as sacrificing a meal out once a month could change the trajectory of a child’s life in Haiti. My family decided that we’d set aside $35 per month to help a little girl named Clarty be the first in her family to graduate from school. She’s only in the 2nd grade, so we’re excited to walk with her over the next 10 years and see her dreams come true. My daughter writes her letters and sends her school supplies throughout the year. One day, my daughter will get to meet Clarty when we travel together to Haiti. Consider joining with 160+ others from Gateway and sponsor a child. Come with us on a serving trip and meet the child you’re sponsoring. All you have to do is click here to select a child.

Below is the outline for building a team that is preparing for a Serving Trip in Haiti. The outcome of this journey is a unified team doing wholistic serving both locally and abroad.
Meeting 0 INTEREST? This interest meeting is where an overview of the trip is shared. To learn more, click here for the handout.

Meeting 1 COMMITMENT? We discuss the logistics of the serving trip and start writing support letters. For details about the trip, click here for the handout.

Meeting 2 – What is my BROKENNESS? We dive into the heart of serving those around us and begin to also share our own brokenness, hopes and fears. Click here for the handout.

Meeting 3 – What are my GIFTS? We look at our spiritual gifts individually and collectively and discuss how we bring our best to the people we will serve together.
1. Click here to read about spiritual gifts
2. Then click here to take a gifts assessment
3. Finally click here to process on paper what you’ve learned.
Bring all this gifts info to our next meeting so we can learn, grow, and serve together!

Meeting 4 – No meeting today because it’s an off-week. But make an effort this week to:
1. Pray for the team and the people we’ll be serving in Haiti.
2. Contact your support team: give them an update on our planning, your support raising and pass along your prayer requests to them.
3. Read the latest Mission of Hope Info Sheet that has details about food, clothing, packing lists, and etiquette while in Haiti.

Meeting 5 – What is my HOPE? Jesus often asked the question, “what do you want.” As we prepare for Haiti, begin answering that question as if Jesus was asking you as his child.
1. Here are the notes from our meeting.
2. Here is an updated packing list.
3. Here is the grocery list for each team member.

Meeting 6 – What is LOVE? At the end of the day, Jesus said the most important thing is how we love God and love others. How we love God, love the team, and love the people of Haiti will determine the success of the trip. Here are the notes from our meeting.

Meeting 7 SENDING: Team Prayer, Praise and Food – see email with map and agenda.

Daily Scripture Readings and Reflections
Each day in Haiti the team will have a spiritual discipline to consider. If you want to follow along with the team, here are the passages, prayers and readings we will explore together.

Gateway Serving Trip Questionnaire
Mission of Hope Liability Release

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